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Scientists, health professionals, etc. who would like to present their work at the ICoMI 2017, either orally (whether in a plenary session or in a workshop) or as a poster, are invited to submit an abstract for consideration by the Scientific Committee Program.

Please refer to the instructions below so as to ensure a smooth and successful abstract submission.


Theme: “Immunomodulation and chronic diseases through the prism of autoimmunity:
 new concepts, new perspectives”


Important dates:  

  • Call for abstracts: 9 May 2016
  • Deadline for abstract submission: 9 January 2017
  • Notification of abstract acceptance: 10 February 2017

Abstracts received after the deadline will not be accepted.

The abstracts should include:

  • A chosen category within the list of categories and sub-themes (see below)
  • A title which clearly indicates the nature of the content to be presented (no more than 12 words)
  • An introduction, which contains 1-2 sentences that clearly indicates the scientific question of the content to be presented and its clinical importance
  • A main body, that should not exceed 300 words, and describe the work to be discussed (scientific or clinical investigation), give a concise summary of the findings and indicate their value and to whom they will be of use.
  • Author and affiliation
  • Brief summary of your experience/works
  • List of articles/publications (if it applies)
  • Between 5 to 10 keywords or phrases that most closely reflect the content of the paper

– Abstracts should be submitted by mail both in an attached Word and PDF file
– Specific email address to gather the abstracts: speaker@icomi2020.org
– Abstracts must be submitted in English.
– Abstracts are not to include tables or images.

Should you have a preference for presenting your work orally (whether in a plenary session or in a workshop) or as a poster, please do specify it at the beginning of your abstract.  If you do not state any preference, we assume that you do no have any.

For general information, plenary speeches, by definition open to a larger number of attendees, should be structured into a 25 min. academic presentation, followed by a 5 min. question-and-answer session, whereas workshops, emphasized on “hand-on-practice” and interaction, should include a 20 min. presentation, followed by a 10 min. discussion with a smaller audience.

For information on the different languages options offered during the congress, click here.

Please ensure your abstract does not contain spelling, grammar, or scientific mistakes, as it will be reproduced exactly as submitted. Linguistic accuracy is your responsibility. No proofreading will be done. No changes can be made to the abstract after the submission deadline.

The submission of an abstract constitutes a formal commitment by the submitting author to present the work (if accepted) in the session and the time assigned by the Programme Committee.

Please select your preferred category and subtheme as well as an alternative from the following options:

1- Innate immune cells 

        – Dendritic cells, Macrophages, Innate lymphoid cells

2- Adaptive immune cells     

        – B cells

        – T cells 

                – T cell development 

                – T cell subsets: regulatory T cells, memory T cells, effector T cells

                – Autoreactive T cells 

3- Cytokines and Inflammation                                  

        – Innate receptors and Inflammasomes 

        – Transcription factors 

        – Cytokines

4- Immunity to Bacteria, Viruses, Tumour cells

5- Mucosal Immunology

        – Epimmunome

        – Microbiota

6- Autoimmunity

        – Tolerance

        – Diseases: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.

7- Clinical pathology: monitoring the immune system

        – Cytokines as biomarkers 

        – Lymphocyte typing

8- Therapeutics

– Immunomodulation: low doses, principles, news and prospects for the future,

– Therapeutic Antibodies 

– New therapeutics for autoimmune disease (Micro-Immunotherapy…)

9- Medical practitioners and Immunology

– Clinical cases


General Pre-Program:

Day 1&2 (Thursday 18 & Friday 19 May) Fundamental Science
Day 2 (Friday 19 May) Monitoring the Immune System   
Day 3 (Saturday 20 May) Therapy  

A pre-program (draft) will be communicated mid-December 2016.

Conflict of interest: it is the intent of ICoMI 2017 to provide high-quality sessions focused on educational content that is free from commercial influence or bias. Therefore, the submitting author of an abstract is requested to declare any potential conflicts of interest during abstract submission.


After the submission

The ICoMI 2017 Scientific Program Committee will review all abstracts.

The authors will be informed of acceptance of their abstract by e-mail by late January 2017, and whether it has been selected for oral presentation. Accepted abstracts that are not selected for oral presentation should be presented as posters.

The presenting author must register as a participant of the congress at the meeting within 30 days after the confirmation of abstract acceptance (the author will benefit from free access to the Congress but will need to register through the normal procedure, completing all details requested in the Registration Form).



Accepted abstracts will be available on the ICoMI 2017 website, about one month prior to the congress and they will be published in the Official Programme of the Congress.

For any further enquiries, please contact the ICoMI 2017 Abstract Handling Team at: speaker@icomi2020.org


Speaker Entitlements

The Congress Organisation will offer to all selected speakers:

  • The round trip flight
  • One overnight at the hotel
  • Meals corresponding to the day of the presentation
  • Entry to the Gala Dinner
  • Free Access to the Congress

Authors of selected posters, who wish to come and present their work personally, will be offered free access to the Congress.