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Day 1&2 (Thursday 18 & Friday 19 May) Fundamental Science
Day 2 (Friday 19 May) Monitoring the Immune System   
Day 3 (Saturday 20 May) Therapy  


We count with committed experts from all around the world who will transmit their knowledge in the field of immunomodulation during the scientific program of the congress, offering the possibility of an intensive exchange.
The diversified background and origin of the ICoMI keynote speakers and speakers gives an idea of the importance of the subject on an international level.

Accessibility through languages:
The structure of the scientific program is divided into plenary sessions, posters and workshops.
The main language of the ICoMI congress is English.

– Plenary speeches
will be held in English and translated simultaneously into four languages: French, German, Italian and Spanish.

– Posters

The posters are to be presented only in English.

– Workshops

The workshops should preferably be held in English, but there is also the possibility to conduct it either in French, German, Italian or Spanish (in theses cases simultaneous translation into English will be provided).          


We count with attendees from a variety of countries such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Paraguay, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom…

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